Assertiveness for Effective People Skills

Assertiveness for Effective People Skills

An honest , direct and appropriate expression of one's feelings , thoughts and beliefs can simply be called Assertiveness.

If you're not prepared to assert yourself in a positive and proactive manner , nothing else can possibly happen.

To be treated fairly we must clearly , tactfully and effectively express our preferences , needs , opinions , grievances and other feelings , nobody else can do it on our behalf . We have a responsibility to express our needs in an appropriate and productive way . If we don't do that , we are depriving ourselves from what we deserve and we are also depriving people of the real contributions we have to make .

Let's get going with Action Steps :

1. Self - Reflection - Reflect on an "unfair" incident in which you were involved , either in your personal or professional life . How did you handle it ? Write about your experience and then reflect on how you might handle it differently after learning how assertive behaviour can help .

2. Read the list below and mark an 'X ' beside any trait that you possess and would like to shift. Then write your own Assertive Action Plan to make that shift .

  • I often feel I'm a victim of circumstances around me .
  • I lash out at others when I am upset or feeling unfairly treated .
  • I often open Communications with this phrase , " you make me …."
  • I have a difficult time admitting that I am wrong
  • I overburden myself and don't say NO often .
  • I am over critical of others and myself .
  • I avoid confrontations at all costs and shy away from being assertive.
  • I often use the illogical and extreme terms "never" and "always" when talking to another about his or her behaviour.

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