How's my Work Life Balance?

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For me Work Life Balance is my orientation towards my responsibilities of Job , Household and Private life . What is your understanding of the term Work Life Balance ?

In Earlier times, almost twenty years ago , Work Life Balance referred to the capacity to recharge your batteries for work during your leisure time

While Nowadays, we keep looking for the answers to such questions like - Am I working at the right place ? Can I get better opportunities? What should I say NO to ? Who does what in the household?

Answer these simple questions concerning the last six months to check your Work Life Balance

Do you feel that your private life prevents you from investing time in your job in a way that would be helpful to your career ? YES/ NO
● Do you agree on how the housework is divided among all of your family members ? YES /NO

Do you feel so exhausted by your work that you find it difficult to get involved with friends and family ? YES / NO
● Do private worries have an impact on your performance ? YES/ NO
● Do you avoid personal contact with colleagues because the exchange is too exhausting? YES / NO

Do incoming emails or disturbances easily distract you ? And do you find it hard to get back to work afterwards? YES / NO

Do You wake up exhausted? YES / NO

Do you have to force yourself to go to work although you function well once you are at the office? YES / NO

Do you feel that as if a day at the office gives You a break from family life ? YES / NO

Do you feel restless at work ? Does this feeling let up when you are online ? YES / NO

You can talk to ME , your Personal Coach,
Kusha Das , if you have chosen a YES for more than Three Questions above.

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